The information you need to work together with your provider to make the best medical decisions possible – freely available to everyone

Your health is important to both you and your provider, which is why the important medical decisions should always be shared. The “Choosing Wisely” campaign is built around this premise – the idea that we should all be working together to choose the right tests for you based on your specific clinical indications.

The Harvard Library of Evidence takes content from Choosing Wisely and a number of other trusted sources, grades it transparently, and makes it freely available to anyone to incorporate into a clinical decision support system. We are beginning by focusing on imaging, but will soon be moving on to all other diagnostic tests in order to help you and your care team decide on the best testing strategy for you.

  1. Optimize clinician’s time and workflow
  2. Improve quality of care
  3. Get more value from your EMR
  4. Reduce alert fatigue
  5. Reduce costs