Specialty Editors

A core function of the Library will be the identification, grading and functionalization of medical imaging evidence in the context of clinical practice, facilitated by health information systems for the many medical disciplines that order advanced imaging as part of clinical care.

To perform this function, the Library will rely on expert physicians drawn from various disciplines, each of whom will serve as a Specialty Editor for the Library. Each Specialty Editor will lead efforts to evaluate medical imaging evidence relevant to his or her clinical domain assembled by the Library staff from a variety of sources. The precise workflow for this process will be developed by the Library management with the input and participation of the Specialty Editors.

Summer Internship

The Harvard Medical School Library of Evidence will provide a unique opportunity for exceptional students to perform summer internships as part of the core team charged with evaluating evidence and building content for the public repository. There are two summer-internship positions available. Each will be 7-9 weeks in duration and provide a stipend of $1,500 per month.

Interested students should forward their CV and a one-page letter of interest to Nicole Vetrano, MHA by March 31st.

Selections will be made on a rolling basis.