Ramin Khorasani
Ramin Khorasani, MD, MPH - Chair
Professor Harvard Medical School
Distinguished Chair, Biomedical Informatics Brigham and Women’s Hospital
Vice Chair, Department of Radiology

A practicing radiologist and researcher, Dr. Khorasani directs the Center for Evidence-Based Imaging. His work in the arenas of quality improvement, comparative effectiveness research and health care policy emphasizes using advanced health IT tools. A focus has been to understand patterns of utilization of diagnostic imaging tests, and then develop and implement IT-enabled interventions using evidence-based guidelines and decision aids to improve quality and reduce waste. Dr. Khorasani led the BWH convenership under the CMS-funded Medicare Imaging Demonstration (MID), the largest trial of imaging clinical decision support yet undertaken. The BWH convenership inlcuded more than 10,000 physicians across four institutions and three states and comprised more that 75% of the providers participating in the MID.

Conflicts of Interest: None.